January Shining Star

January Shining Star

Announcement Date: January 4, 2017

Makenna, a second grade student at Salt Creek Elementary School in District 59, was recognized as NSSEO’s Shining Star for the month of January.

She was recognized for her positive attitude and motivation to learn in school making her an outstanding role model for those around her.

Makenna has a significant vision impairment, which means she is learning to read braille and use a white cane for safety as she moves around the school and community. She exhibits a high level of motivation to be independent, using her self-advocacy skills to help her grow academically and access her classroom safely and efficiently. Recently, Makenna gave a presentation to her 2nd grade class on White Cane Safety Day. Her presentation demonstrated Makenna’s confidence and knowledge of the vision aids that she uses daily.

Her courage, determination, hard work, and caring nature are an inspiration to those around her and we are all so grateful for the opportunity to help her succeed.