NSSEO Governing Board Celebrates Volunteerism

NSSEO Governing Board Celebrates Volunteerism

Announcement Date: February 1, 2017

The Shining Stars for the month of February focus on a theme of volunteerism.  NSSEO would like to recognize a few of the students in our community that have had a profound impact on the academic and social growth of students at Kirk and Miner Schools.  Not only have these young adults served as role models by contributing to their community through their volunteer efforts, but they have inspired our students and staff to advocate for opportunities, embrace our differences, and build friendships.

In the spring of 2015, an organization at Fremd High School in District 211 was formed by students who were moved to bridge the social gap between all people, hoping to create equal opportunities for students with and without disabilities to make friends.  For the last two years, the LYFE members have volunteered with Kirk’s basketball team, cheerleading squad, and track and field team by participating in the same activities as the Kirk students.

Miner School and students from the Hersey High School “SOS,” or Service Over Self Program, have partnered up for the last several years to provide opportunities for students to interact and develop friendships.  The partnership results in an environment of acceptance and respect for one another.  Their mission, values, and work exemplify the true meaning of service, which at the very core, puts the needs of others at the forefront.

A senior at Rolling Meadows High School in District 214, began her volunteer experience at Kirk School at the end of her freshman year. She reached out to NSSEO, expressing an interest in volunteering with elementary-aged students in the summer of 2014.  In the fall of 2015, she advocated for an internship at Kirk School and worked with the students and team for the next year and a half. In both classrooms, she fully assimilated into the educational program by assisting in small group academics, supporting social groups and engaging with students during leisure and break time.  She has presented to various community members regarding her experience at Kirk School and NSSEO and is looking forward to pursuing a career in education.