NSSEO Autism Parent Support Meetings

The Autism Parent Group offers an opportunity for parents to share resources and problem solve with other parents, learn information around strategies and supports for their child with autism, discuss ways to support themselves and their families well as hear speakers on selected topics of interest.

September 19, 2017 – 12:30pm

September 26, 2017 – 6:30pm

October 17, 2017 – 12:30pm

November 14, 2017- 12:30pm

November 29, 2017 – 6:30pm

December 12, 2017 – 12:30pm

January 23, 2018 – 12:30pm

February 20, 2018 – 12:30pm

March 20, 2018 – 12:30pm

April 17, 2018 – 12:30pm

May 15, 2018 – 12:30pm

Contact Julie Hoadley at jhoadley@nsseo.org for more information  847-463-8131.


Parent / Caregiver Training Series:

For parents of students with special needs, dealing with challenging behaviors can be difficult.  Throughout the series, parents will learn tools and strategies to implement in the home environment, have an opportunity to network with other parents of children with disabilities, problem solve specific struggles and connect with community resources to support the implementation of strategies.

Promoting Positive Behaviors – October 18, 2017 – 5:30pm

Developing Social Emotional Skills – December 7, 2017 – 5:30pm

Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviors – February 5, 2018 – 5:30pm

When Things Get Heated: Responding in a Crisis – April 18, 2018  – 5:30pm


Parent Lunch and Learn:  The Bridge Between People and Services →

El almuerzo y el aprendizaje de los padres: El puente entre la gente y los servicios 

Parent Lunch and Learn:  Save the Dates →


NSSEO Parent – Adult Agency Tours

Please contact  Laura Fine lfine@nsseo.org 847-485-2273 or Jill Wood jwood@nsseo.org, 847-485-2272  with any questions or concerns.


Informational Tours are designed to give families an overview of creative adult programming, residential models and employment options both in our area and in surrounding communities.  It is our hope that these tours will show you not only what is currently available but also inspire you with what is possible.  To attend any of our tours, please reserve your spot by emailing your name, telephone number, and whether you are a parent, educator or service provider to ConnectToCommunityInc@gmail.com.  Opportunities to carpool will be available.

Connect To Community Informational Tours →

For additional information about these and other Connect to Community events, please visit our website at www.ConnectToCommunityInc.org.


Community Opportunities


NSSEO Professional Development

NSSEO Professional Development offers a wide range of in-services and workshops.  Many of these workshops are available to parents.

See workshop flyers under NSSEO Professional Development→


NSSEO Wordless in partner ship with       ctc_logo

NSSEO Professional Development and Connect to Community are offering the following:

FRIDAY FORUM SERIES AT THE PALATINE LIBRARY – 700 N Court, Palatine – Meeting Room 1 – 11:00 – 12:30 

Friday Forum Seminars →


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, April 14, 2018


NSSEO Assistive and Instructional Technology

NSSEO Assistive and Instructional Technology departments offer a wide range of in-services and workshop.  Many of these workshops are available to parents.

See workshop flyers under NSSEO Assistive and Instructional Technology



NSSEO and it’s member districts are part of the Infinitec North Coalition.  Infinitec offers a wide range of workshops, online videos, and webinars.   


For more information regarding Infinitec, contact Mary Ann McGinn (mmcginn@nsseo.org), NSSEO Technology Coordinator.