Effective professional development strives to improve educator practice thereby increasing student achievement. Professional development rooted in research and reflective of progressive educational practices enhances the effectiveness of educators. A professional development logic model has been developed and is implemented through customized trainings, workshops, and coaching that address all stakeholder needs. This model stresses the importance of growth and changes in teaching strategies that promote positive, measurable student outcomes.

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Michelle Riopel | Professional Development
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Through workshops, inservice training, coaching, mentoring, collaboration and reflection, the following are the major focus areas of the professional learning opportunities sponsored by NSSEO: 

  • Sustained and intensive professional development for educators as part of an ongoing continuous improvement process that supports student achievement
  • Learning opportunities that include collaboration, application, and school and classroom-based support that reflects sustainability of new skills
  • Professional development activities connected to professional practice and school initiatives and that build strong working relationships among professionals.
  • Authentic learning opportunities for all educators, respective of the range of experience in the field.
  • Learning opportunities for parents/care givers that support the extension of the student’s learning environment to their home and community.

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Who We Are

Who We Are


NSSEO Professional Development services include an administrator, an administrative  assistant, as well as a part-time CPI Coordinator, a PBIS Coordinator, a PBIS External Coach, and RtI Coaches. NSSEO employs trainers, course facilitators, and coaches who are “experts” in the field. Credentials and experience in the field are equally important for those employed to improve educator practice. Teacher leaders often serve as effective trainers and coaches to their colleagues and other stakeholders.



  • Professional Development Committee comprised of certified and education support personnel from each NSSEO program and service.
  • Cycles of training and coaching that support teacher inquiry and knowledge-building.
  • On-going sessions of learning, collaboration, and application to classroom practice.
  • Professional dialog series for school psychologists, social workers, speech/language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and teams who support English Language Learners.
  • Curriculum development, mapping, and alignment with common core standards.
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training for all NSSEO staff and member district staff as needed.
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) External Coaching for NSSEO schools and member district schools.
  • Networking opportunities for member district administrators.
  • Training and coaching for paraprofessionals.
  • Lending library of curriculum materials, professional journals and workshop-based DVDs.
  • On-line course registration.
  • Coaching to support Problem Solving teams.
  • Annual Needs Assessment of educators developed by NSSEO staff and member district representatives completed by general as well as special education personnel.
  • Annual Needs Assessment of parents developed in partnership with the NSSEO Parent Advisory Committee and completed by parents in all 8 member districts.

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What’s Happening




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