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Kirk School empowers all students to learn and be highly successful by creating an optimum learning environment and thoughtfully designed experiences to meet each student’s specialized needs. Through a multi-disciplinary team approach and use of research based curriculum and interventions, Kirk School’s program reflects a strong belief that each student possesses unique worth and has a right to strive for exponential growth. Kirk School believes that consistent, meaningful collaboration with families, students and the community is a key factor in maximizing each student’s strengths and potential and preparing each student for a successful adult life.


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Program Design ↓

Program Design


Kirk School provides an intensive, comprehensive educational program for students from pre-kindergarten up to age 22 with significant needs. Needs may include significant cognitive disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, hearing and visual impairments, physical/health impairments, communication disorders, sensory and/or behavioral impairments. Multi-sensory instruction is provided in a highly structured environment with intensive supports and resources to address individual student needs. Curricular programs reflect a rigorous academic focus adapted and/or modified based on individual student needs that incorporate Common Core Standards. Transition, vocational, and life skills instruction and services support students as they move from school to community living and work alternatives.


Who We Are ↓

Who We Are


The certified/licensed staff is comprised of highly qualified special education teachers, speech/language pathologists, school psychologists, school nurses, social workers, physical/occupational therapists, autism coaches, as well as transition and vocational specialists. Teachers are all trained in research-based instructional and therapeutic approaches. Kirk staff is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) with the addition of three staff members on site as certified trainers. Highly qualified paraprofessionals are an integral part of the program and work closely with the certified/licensed staff in providing assistance to students that supports programmatic and individual needs.

Instructional Focus ↓

Instructional Focus

  • Access to general education curriculum through individualization and adaptation of core academic programs.
  • Research-based curriculum and instruction in literacy, math, science, and social studies.
  • Development and implementation of individualized transition plans with a focus on post-secondary goals and opportunities.
  • Life skills instruction in a variety of environments that focuses on daily living, social skills, vocational, and leisure/recreation skill development to prepare students for adulthood.
  • Intensive communication and language development instruction including the use of visual supports in the environment and augmentative communication systems.
  • Assistive and instructional technology to provide individualized access to learning, promoting greater independence.
  • Visual supports, social stories, scheduling and sensory integration to meet the individualized needs of students.
  • Fostering independence in home, school, and community environments through modeling and coaching.
  • Positive behavioral supports (PBIS) to develop appropriate social and behavioral skills, as well as providing intensive behavioral supports and individual student and school-wide crisis management.
  • Adapted physical education that provides instruction in the development of motor skills and health/fitness that promotes participation in sports and leisure activities.
Program Supports ↓

Program Supports

  • Music therapy
  • Health services and staff training to manage individual student health care plans
  • A breakfast/lunch program specific to individual dietary and oral/motor needs
  • Heated therapy pool
  • Multi-sensory and motor rooms
  • An apartment setting that provides opportunities for daily living activities
  • Specialized vocational training areas
  • Accessible playground equipment
  • Adaptive equipment individualized for student positioning and ambulation
  • On-site clinics for families for wheelchair seating system
  • Interscholastic athletic program: competitive team sports in basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, and Special Olympics
  • Extracurricular activities: prom, cheerleading, dances
  • Social integration activities through partnerships with same-age peers
  • Participation at Sunrise Lake Outdoor Education Center
  • Parent Teacher Organization
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Extra Curricular Activities ↓

Welcome to the Kirk’s Cubs Sports Page


Kirk School offers challenging opportunities for all Kirk students to participate in physical education throughout the school year. In addition to the regular PE curriculum, students can participate in interscholastic competitive team sports as well as various Special Olympics events locally and state wide. PE Teacher – Nick Mueller PE Teacher – Adam Petersen PE Office Phone: (847) 485-2600

Parent Groups ↓

Parent Groups


PATHS:  Kirk’s Parent / Staff 501c3 Charitable Organization is over 35 years strong and growing. The purpose of PATHS is to:

  • provide a liaison between administration, staff and parents for improvement of education opportunities for all students at KIRK School;
  • encourage parents to become better acquainted with school programs, staff, facilities and services for students;
  • raise funds to provide materials, equipment and opportunities for students;
  • keep parents informed of legislation on local, state and federal levels; and
  • continue to build and improve community awareness.


PATHS Meetings PATHS Meetings are open to all parents. We meet at KIRK School the first Thursday of each month (Sept. to June) at 9:30 am. Please join us.

School Information ↓

School Information


School Office Hours

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Student Hours

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Staff Directory

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