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Physical Therapy services provide specialized interventions that promote students independence throughout the school environment. School-based physical therapy is provided to develop and increase gross motor skills that enable students to participate in meaningful and purposeful educational activities. Physical Therapists collaborate with the family and educational team to identify the needs, supports, modifications and accommodations that are required for the student with diverse needs to access their education with improved outcomes.

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Physical Therapy services provide specialized interventions that support students’ ability to travel throughout the school environment, participate in classroom activities, maintain and change positions in the classroom, and manage school environment. Physical therapy services are provided across a range of educational environments and address balance, strength, range of motion, coordination, endurance, or positioning to assist the student in accessing their education. Physical therapists provide training on proper body mechanics, transfer techniques, and equipment that enhances school performance.

Physical Therapists provide specialized interventions and strategies to minimize barriers and facilitate student learning. A major focus is student safety through demonstration of effective handling, positioning and transferring of students with gross motor challenges.

The Physical Therapy team consists of highly qualified licensed physical therapists with experience working with school-aged children. Physical therapists continue to expand and apply their knowledge in the field by attending and presenting at local and state conferences on school-based physical therapy.

  • Assessment of gross motor needs
  • Direct services
  • Coaching, consultation and problem solving with the educational team
  • Modifications and/or accommodations
  • Maximizing student’s functional movement and postural control
  • A service delivery model and roles reflective of a school-based team approach to multi-tiered supports for academic and behavioral success - Response to Intervention (RtI) and positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS).
  • Modifying the student’s educational environment
  • Training staff to ensure generalization of  motor skills across settings