Vision, Mission, & Goals


“Enhancing students’ talents and dreams for a promising future”


NSSEO propels students with special needs to be actively engaged citizens through dynamic family, school, and community partnerships.

NSSEO Values…

  • a person-centered philosophy that reflects an individualized focus on students’ strengths, desires, and life goals
  • students, families and communities engaged in a rigorous, exciting learning process
  • connecting and collaborating through partnerships designed to expand and advance meaningful opportunities for students
  • high standards, systems and innovative practices that enhance growth for students, staff and leaders
  • equitable opportunities and practices that provide for the diversity, culture and inclusion of all students, families, and staff
  • looking beyond what is, to what is possible


Goal #1 Student Outcomes
Foster development, ongoing growth, and positive outcomes for all students.

Goal #2 Social-Emotional Learning
Provide a supportive learning environment to promote social-emotional learning and growth for all.

Goal #3 Supportive, Collaborative, and Person-Centered Learning Environment
Foster a supportive, collaborative, and person-centered learning environment to promote growth for all.

Goal #4 Transition Services
Upon exiting from NSSEO services, 100% of students will have defined post-secondary plans indicating focus on the priority areas of social, community and/or work experiences for at least 50% of a workweek.

Goal #5 Collaborative Partnerships
Further advance our collaborative partnerships across the educational community to deepen equitable, inclusive practices that are future-driven and influence positive change.

2022-2023 NSSEO Continuous Improvement Plan

NSSEO Overview