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NSSEO has been providing supports and services to students with disabilities since 1968. We are incredibly proud of an amazing NSSEO team dedicated to very special students and we are driven by their exceptional courage, resilience and drive.

Our teams of educators work closely with families and students to build the foundation for a promising future for our students. We use a person-centered approach to designing programs and services to align opportunities, skill development, experiences, and partnerships to support each individual students’ dreams and talents.

Many of our students’ stories are unfinished. NSSEO, like all public school districts, serves our students until the day they turn 22-years-old, when they must transition to the whole new world of adulthood and adult services. Many families feel anxious about this transition and wonder, “what will we do when the school bus stops coming?”

Our goal for all students we serve is that they pursue and live their life plans. We hope they will work and live in their communities, near their friends and families. Our goal is that with a greater awareness and understanding, members of our community will partner with us and customize opportunities for our graduates to be more actively engaged – by working, volunteering, and enjoying life.

Join NSSEO in helping our students and families finish these unfinished stories

make a difference

Help Us Make A Difference – Building Futures Together

NSSEO is working to actively partner with parents, community partners, and legislators to identify and enact ways we can come together as a community to deepen our understanding and impact in the lives of NSSEO students and families.

You can support this work by making a donation to the NSSEO Foundation, which will be used to fund training and networking in the Parent Education Resource Center (PERC) as well as fund mini-grants for supplemental programs and community activities for NSSEO students.


You can make a difference by sharing your time and talents with NSSEO students and families. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at NSSEO.

We are continually seeking dedicated and committed staff to work alongside students in order to reach their goals.

We are seeking full and part time Guest Teachers (Substitutes) along with full time Educational Support Personnel. Apply here

NSSEO students and families

To learn more about creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities in your place of work contact:
Kathleen McCord
Phone: (847) 463-8403 | Email:

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A Community Committed to Making a Difference!

Every act, no matter how big or small, can help make a difference in the lives of students and families.