Human Resources

Dedicated to supporting new and current staff throughout employment

The Department of Human Resources is dedicated to support new and current staff throughout their employment with NSSEO. We are committed to recruiting and retaining highly qualified applicants for all positions to provide and maintain positive successful outcomes for students with special needs. We are available to answer questions and offer guidance on work-related matters. NSSEO Human Resources is responsible for the oversight of staff attendance, certification, insurance and retirement benefits, payroll, salary schedules, and substitutes. 

Consider this office a resource!  We can be reached at 847-463-8100.  Or fax us at 847-463-8121.

Brad Carter

Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Communications

Heather Trieu

Payroll Officer

Linda Maine

Exectutive Assistant to Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent

Kim Cowles

Benefits Administrative Assistant

Meghan Mikes

Human Resource Generalist

Christiane Bilba

HR Coordinator

Mary (Bridget) Krafton

Administrative Assistant