Kirk School

Kirk School educational program focuses on high school students as they transition to community living and work alternatives. Needs may include significant cognitive disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, hearing and visual impairments, physical/health impairments, communication disorders, sensory and/or behavioral impairments. Multi-sensory instruction is provided in a highly structured environment with intensive supports and resources to address individual student needs. Vocational and life skills instruction and services support our students as they move from school to active members of the community.

Miner School

Miner School provides an intensive, comprehensive educational program for students in Early Childhood through Grade 8 with a wide range of special needs including cognitive disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders, physical/health impairments, and communication disorders. Multisensory instruction is provided in a highly structured environment with intensive support systems and resources to address individual student needs. Services are provided in a team-based instructional model that addresses the needs of the whole child within a nurturing and responsive environment.

Timber Ridge School

Timber Ridge School is a public, K-8th grade, therapeutic day school that provides educational and emotional experiences to help students “mentally construct” a view of academic and social learning as positive and beneficial despite challenges that may have occurred in the past. As a result of the theoretical orientation, Timber Ridge programming emphasizes individual student outcomes. Principles in behavioral and social cognitive learning theory drive the reinforcement of individualized desired behaviors for success. The end goal is to successfully reintegrate students into their home school district.


NSSEO’s District Educational Services Center provides direct services to students, consultation, collaboration, and coaching to professional teams, and professional learning opportunities in member districts and NSSEO programs.  

  • The DESC department provides 
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Assistive technology 
  • Adapted physical education 
  • Bi-lingual academic and cognitive assessments 
  • Vision and Orientation and Mobility services
  • Coaching support

These providers are supported by NSSEO to deliver specialized services, team supports, and training to programs and districts.  These roles are active members on the educational team that supports the students’ individualized education plan and identifies the modifications, accommodations, and program supports required for students with diverse needs to access the educational program. 


The NSSEO Program for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing serves students in Early Childhood through 12th grade in classrooms integrated within local public schools.  The DHH program is designed to provide intensive academic, language, listening, and speech instruction for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program focuses intensely on developing each student’s unique voice and providing learning opportunities that are designed to leverage students' strengths. By learning with like peers, students develop essential communication and social skills, enhancing their sense of identity and belonging, and supporting their pursuit of lifelong learning and success.


Sunrise Lake Outdoor Education Center uses experiential learning to extend learning beyond the classroom, for all students from Pre-K through 21 years of age. We empower learners to find their passion and become contributing members of our society. “Who are you?” “Where do you belong?” and “How will you contribute?” are important questions that guide each student's journey. To that end, our teachers provide visionary leadership using nature and the outdoors, as resources to discover the unique talents and abilities each student has to offer. We focus on improving outcomes for all learners which align with the hopes and dreams of each student and their families. Our work is to help uncover students’ talents that will unfold into a promising future, including areas of academics, social emotional learning, employment readiness, self-determination, and independence.