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NSSEO Administration Center
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Mount Prospect, IL 60056
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Monday-Friday - 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization is a special education collective school district operating in Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, and Palatine. NSSEO serves students through programs designed through a person-centered approach to address a range of intense, significant needs as well as providing services and support to students and staff in member districts, ranging from itinerant student services to embedded coaching, technical supports, professional learning and monthly parent training across the eight member districts. NSSEO is driven by the critical focus on the future and the career/college/ life plans of students.

NSSEO includes six elementary districts that include Community Consolidated School District 21, Prospect Heights School District 23, Arlington Heights School District 25, River Trails School District 26, Mount Prospect School District 57, Community Consolidated District 59, and the two high school districts, Township High School District 211 and Township High School District 214. NSSEO is governed by a Board of District Board Members selected by each of the respective district boards to serve on the NSSEO Governing Board.



NSSEO has been a legal district entity since 1968 and operates a district with similar structures and processes of other districts. It was one of very few special education districts in the late 60s before IDEA became law, with parents lobbying legislators in Springfield to serve their children with significant needs in public school systems. It was an important catalyst of our growth as an organization and has continued to fuel our interest in evolving in purpose and impact for the decades that have followed.

This year, NSSEO is celebrating its 55th year as a legal school district by intensifying its efforts through a comprehensive NSSEO Continuous Improvement Plan with customized dashboard indicators of growth and goals that advance instructional and social-emotional efforts, supportive and person-centered learning environments, an intensified emphasis on expanding collaborative partnerships and a bright vision for the organization focusing on building a promising future for students.