NSSEO School Breakfast - Lunch Program


Free/Reduced Meals

NSSEO is part of the National School Lunch Program providing free and reduced meals to eligible families.  Free meals are provided at no cost.

Direct Certification

Families whose child(ren) are eligible for free meals through the state Direct Certification program will receive a Direct Certification letter from the NSSEO Food Service Program Coordinator.  Households that receive a Direct Certification notification DO NOT need to fill out a meal application. 

Household Eligibility Application Process

Families whose child(ren) have not been found to be eligible through Direct Certification, may apply for eligibility for free/reduced meals by completing a Household Eligibility Application.   Households that meet the federal guidelines will receive free/reduced meal services.  

Students who qualify for reduced-price meals are eligible to receive a meal at the cost below:

  • Reduced-Price Breakfast: 30 cents
  • Reduced-Priced Lunch: 40 cents

If you are unsure of your status, please fill out an eligibility application or contact Kristen Galloway at kgalloway@nsseo.org Applications can be submitted any time throughout the school year. A new application must be filled out every year.

Household Eligibility Applications Can be found here:

Before an application can be processed, it must include the following information:

  1. Child(ren)’s name as well as the names of those living in the home.
  2. TANF/SNAP #, if applicable.
  3. The Social Security number of the adult household member signing the application.
  4. The amount of income each household member receives and where it comes from (wages, child support, disability, etc.)

If there has been a change in status, ie. increase in household size, unemployment, etc, households can reapply.  Student’s eligibility/meal status remains confidential. 


Paid Meals

Paid meals are also available to students at the cost below:

  • Paid Breakfast: $3.00
  • Paid Lunch: $4.00

Payment Methods: 

We have enabled the ability to fund your students lunch balance on TeacherEase, our Student Information System.
You can log into TeacherEase at the following address:  https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx
Once logged in, you'll select the Fees option on the left side of the screen, go into the Lunch section, and input the dollar amount you'd like to credit to your students' account.


Negative/Low-Balance Notifications are sent out every Friday.  Accounts that are lower than $10.00 will receive an emailed notification



Nutritional Information 

It is our goal to provide students with nutritious and delicious balanced meals. It’s important that students are fed properly for both their physical and mental growth. All NSSEO meals follow the USDA meal guidelines, allowing students access to a variety of healthy foods.  The following sub-groups are required by the USDA for a credited meal:


Both Breakfast and Lunch include a choice of low-fat and nonfat flavored milk (8oz). Juice and water are not considered substitutes.  Milk substitutions including soy milk, lactose-free, etc, are available for those who have filled out the proper allergy paperwork. 

Meat/Meat Alternatives

Lunch includes at least 2 oz. of accredited meal or meat alternatives. This includes things like low-sodium turkey, chicken, and beef.  Cheese, yogurt, and nut-free protein options are also integrated.  

Whole Grains/Bread

All the grains served to students are 100% whole-grain rich.  Students are provided with 2oz. Of whole-grains with each meal.  This includes things like bread, crackers, cookies, etc.

Fruits & Vegetables

A variety of fruits and vegetables are served with student meals. 1 cup of fruit is served for both breakfast and lunch.  Vegetables follow the USDA division of vegetable subgroups with includes:

  • Dark Green Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, romaine, and other leafy greens.
  • Red and Orange Vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, red bell peppers, and sweet potatoes.
  • Starchy Vegetables such as tater tots, green peas, and corn.
  • Beans & Legumes such as baked beans, black beans, and split peas.
  • Other Vegetables such as dragon juice, celery, cucumber, and green beans. 

Exceptions to these guidelines are made for those with special dietary needs.  Please refer to the Special Dietary Acknowledgement form for more information regarding Allergy information please refer to the statement below.

Sodium Requirements

Starting SY 22-23 the USDA has given new guidelines for sodium. Foods served throughout the week will be lower in sodium to meet these requirements. This is part of a three-step program. Although foods will be lower in sodium, they will still be tasty. 


Specialized Diet / Allergy Information

If your child requires a specialized diet, a Medical Authority Modified Request Form must be filled out and signed by his/her Physician.  This includes soft-pureed diet modifications as well.

Below you will find the link to both the Special Diet Acknowledgement letter as well as the Medical Authority Modified Request Form.  

Summer Breakfast and Lunch Programs

This is to notify you that the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) will continue to provide breakfasts and lunches through the National School lunch program during the NSSEO Extended School Year (ESY) program.  Students’ free and reduced breakfast/lunch eligibility status will continue during the summer ESY program.

In addition, FREE healthy and nutritious meals are available for children (18 and under) when school is out.  

To find a site close to you call 800-359-2163 or text FoodIL to 304304 or visit SummerMealsIllinois.org



NSSEO schools play an essential role in student wellness, and proper nutrition and physical activity are key to creating healthy learning environments.  NSSEO’s Wellness Plan provides guidance to further support school efforts in providing students with a productive and healthy future.  


Questions or Concerns

 If you have additional questions regarding meals or nutrition please email Kristen Galloway (Nutritional Coordinator) at Klambert@nsseo.org.