Coaching Services

NSSEO District Coaches Believe

In order to increase positive student outcomes, we believe in empowering teams and individuals by building capacity through reflective conversations and posing questions that lead to problem solving by the coachee. By building trust, we are able to meet teams where they are in the process, use what they have and know, and offer resources to build a framework for a skillful application of tools for planning, reflecting, and problem solving.

We are committed to meet the needs of districts through flexible delivery service modes including:

Collaborative Problem-Solving Bringing together key staff members to problem solve student-specific, classroom-specific, programmatic, and building-wide concerns to ensure equitable learning for all students
Student Centered Coaching This process involves coaching cycles focusing on specific teacher-developed goals. Based on students prioritized needs grounded in data, and utilizing evidence-based practices
Co-Teaching Partnering with teachers, specialists, and other staff to implement new interventions, instructional practices, and research-based strategies for enhanced student engagement and academic progress
Evaluations/Assessments Providing support through eligibility, behavioral, and instructional assessments to program for student learning
Professional Learning Provide targeted learning around evidence-based practices to inform current practices and enhance the effectiveness of educators

For more information contact

Molly Dunne - Director of Professional Learning and Coaching