Transition Services

The true indication of an effective educational process is a student’s post secondary success as a contributing member of society.  Research and practice indicate that student-centered individualized education programs that drive instruction; work-based learning experience connected to instruction; school, family, and community partnerships; and linkages to individually determined support systems lead to post-secondary college and career success of all students, including students with disabilities.

All students need to have access to high quality standards-based instruction; information about career options and exposure to the word of work; opportunities to develop social, civic, and leadership skills; strong connections to caring adults; and support services that promote independence.

Rebecca Dusek
Transition Specialist

NSSEO & District 214 Liaison

Nichole Visconti 
Transition Specialist

NSSEO & District 211 Liaison

Transition Services Office
500 South Plum Grove Road
Palatine, IL 60067-6933
T | 847-485-2290

Transition services assist students in developing the essential work skills that reflect effective communication and problem solving, instill self-advocacy, and promote life-long learning. The NSSEO Transition Services assists students, families, and school districts in developing and implementing a plan for successful transition into a range of post-secondary opportunities that include college, vocational and career opportunities, and adult education programs.

The focus of the Transition Services Program is to provide both postsecondary knowledge and expertise through the Transition Specialists, and authentic vocational experiences through the Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP). STEP prepares students with disabilities for employment opportunities by providing vocational experiences and skill training for high school students.  Job coaches provide individualized support to students while assessing and teaching important skills for successful employment that include collaboration, problem-solving, and initiative.

The Transition Specialists share their knowledge and expertise through a collaborative process to facilitate a smooth transition from the structured, supportive environment of the school system to the more independent world of young adulthood.

Highly qualified Transition Specialists and a Transition Assistant have extensive experience working with students and adults with disabilities. This high level of expertise provides students with a wide range of resources and post secondary service options.

  • Career counseling and guidance
  • Career information and referral to postsecondary resources
  • Vocational experiences in a supervised community setting
  • Job placement and coaching support through STEP while in high school
  • Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) for postsecondary services include:
    • Vocational guidance and counseling
    • Job search and placement services
    • Supported Employment Programs (SEP)
    • On-the-job evaluation
    • Information/referrals to other agencies
    • Benefits information and advisement for SSI/SSDI, Medicaid
    • Vocational assessments
    • Home services program referral/personal care assistants