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We at Miner School believe strongly that all of our students will be contributing members of society. Our commitment to providing work-based learning experiences, student-centered individualized education (IEP) plans, family involvement in and support of education and career development activities, and linkages to individually determined support services will lead to the education and employment success of our students.


Jack O’Neal |  joneal@nsseo.org

Assistant Principal:

Alison Dauernheim | adauernheim@nsseo.org

Transition Coordinator:

Kathleen McCord | kmccord@nsseo.org

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Program Design ↓

Program Design


The therapeutic day school program at Miner School provides a comprehensive educational program for students with a wide range of special needs including autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders, cognitive disabilities, physical/health impairments, and multiple disabilities. The program is designed to meet the needs of students ages 5 through 22 years.  Intensive supports are provided in a team-based instructional model that addresses the needs of the whole child within a caring and responsive therapeutic environment. The program functions as a small supportive school community that provides opportunities for participation in school routines similar to those in larger settings while incorporating fewer transitions and less environmental noise overall. Transition, vocational, and life skills instruction and services support students as they move from school to community living and work alternatives.


Who We Are ↓

Who We Are


The certified/licensed staff is comprised of highly qualified special education teachers, speech/language pathologists, school psychologists, school nurses, social workers, physical/occupational therapists, vision specialists, autism coaches, as well as transition and vocational specialists. Staff are all trained in research-based instructional and therapeutic approaches utilizing a collaborative, problem-solving approach. The Miner staff is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) with three staff members as certified trainers. Highly qualified paraprofessionals are an integral part of the program and work closely with the certified/licensed staff in providing assistance to students that supports programmatic and individual needs. Team members’ knowledge and connections with students as individuals creates a positive and effective learning environment.

Instructional Focus ↓

Instructional Focus

  • Core academic curricula based on state standards appropriately adapted/modified as reflected in the student’s individualized education plan (IEP) leading to fulfillment of graduation requirements
  • Emphasis on integrating social/emotional standards into daily instruction
  • Intensive communication and language development instruction including the use of visual supports in the environment and augmentative communication systems
  • Assistive and instructional technology to provide individualized access to learning, promoting greater independence
  • Visual supports, social stories, scheduling and sensory integration to meet the individualized needs of students
  • Life skills instruction in a variety of environments that focuses on daily living, social skills, vocational, and leisure/recreation skill development to prepare students for adulthood
  • An assessment system that includes multiple measures that determines instructional strategies based on the student’s individual strengths and needs
  • Opportunities to participate with same-age peers
  • Development and implementation of individualized transition plans with a focus on post-secondary goals and opportunities
  • Varied school, work, and community-based learning experiences
  • Fostering independence in home, school, and community environments through modeling and coaching
  • Positive Behavioral Supports (PBIS) to develop appropriate social and behavioral skills, as well as providing intensive behavioral supports and individual student and school-wide crisis management
  • Adapted physical education that provides instruction in the development of motor skills and health/fitness that promotes participation in sports and leisure activities
Program Supports ↓

Program Supports

  • Therapists/Psychologists/Social Workers provide individual/small group counseling to support social skills, coping skills, and self regulation
  • Behavior support team functions as a unit to support students throughout the school day
  • Coaching/consultation for staff provided by Autism support team and consultants
  • Health services and staff training to manage individual student health care plans
  • A breakfast/lunch program specific to individual dietary and oral/motor needs
  • Multisensory/motor rooms with individualized sensory diets to address specific student needs
  • Specialized vocational training areas
  • Adaptive equipment individualized for student positioning and ambulation
  • Interscholastic athletic program: competitive team sports in basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, and Special Olympics
  • Extracurricular activities: prom, cheerleading, dances
  • Social integration activities through partnerships with same-age peers
  • Participation at Sunrise Lake Outdoor Education Center
  • Parent Teacher Organization 
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