The Department of Human Resources is dedicated to support new and current staff throughout their employment with NSSEO.  We are committed to recruiting and retaining highly qualified applicants for all positions to provide and maintain positive successful outcomes for students with special needs.  We are available to answer questions and offer guidance on work-related matters.  NSSEO Human Resources is responsible for the oversight of staff attendance, certification, insurance and retirement benefits, payroll, salary schedules, and substitutes.  Consider this office a resource!  We can be reached at 847-463-8100.


Director for Human Resources
and Communications

Danielle Carter |

Telephone:  847-463-8107 | Fax:  847-463-8121

Human Resources Assistant

Linda Maine |
Telephone:  847-463-8104 | Fax:  847-463-8121

Administrative Assistant

Betty Barker |

Payroll Officer

Kenneth Hill |

Human Resource and
Insurance Administrative Assistant

Kim Cowles |

Human Resource Support (M, T, Th)

Bridget Cienkus |


Employment Opportunities → | Substitute Employment Opportunities →

Additional Benefits ↓

Additional Benefits


403(b) Retirement – Omni Group

A 403(b) plan, often referred to as a TSA, is a tax sheltered retirement savings plan. Eligible employees can contribute pre-tax dollars to their plan, which will be allowed to grow tax free until the funds are withdrawn for retirement.  Interested in starting a 403(b)?  Contact the Omni Group for more information.

Employee Assistance Program – ACI Specialty Benefits

ACI’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional and confidential service to help employees and family members address a variety of personal, family life, and work-related issues. There is no cost to use the services. Clickherefor a list of resources.

Worksite Wellness Program – Interactive Health

NSSEO encourages eligible employees to participate in our wellness events throughout the school year. These events are designed to promote and maintain employee health and a healthy workplace.  We offer flu shot clinics in the Fall and a health screening in the Spring.  Click herefor more details on these events.

Direct Deposit

NSSEO direct deposit program is a safe and secure way to have your payroll check deposited directly into a checking or savings account.  Funds are available for use on Payday.  Download our Direct Deposit form and return it to Payroll.  It’s that easy! (New employees must have all new hire requirements completed before direct deposit can be set up.)

AAEC Credit Union

AAEC Credit Union offers NSSEO employees and their families a wide range of financial services designed to help manage your money effectively.  This includes teachers, aides, clerical staff, custodians, and administrators.

Metro Federal Credit Union

Metro serves employees and their families of public employers including municipalities, public libraries, park districts, school districts and related governmental organizations in Cook, DuPage, Kane and Lake Counties.  Metro is a full service credit union which offers the same services as a bank or savings and loan.

For more information and to begin your membership in either credit union visit their website and complete the online application.

Bargained Agreements ↓

Bargained Agreements


NSSEA Agreement 2016 – 2021 →

NSSEA ESP Agreement 2016 – 2021 →

Memorandum of Understanding 

Calendars ↓



NSSEO 2018-2019 Calendar →

NSSEO 2017-2018 Calendar →

NSSEO Payroll Calendar 2017 – 2018 

Employee Handbook ↓

Employee Handbook



Frequently Asked Questions ↓

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download my payroll check stub and view my compensation?
Payroll check stubs, W-2’s, and compensation information can be found on the Infinite Visions Employee Portal found on our website ( under Staff Information.  First time users click “here” for instructions to login.  Having trouble contact Ken Hill at or 847-463-8124.

 When are payroll cutoffs and pay dates?
Paychecks are issued on the 15th and the 30th of each month.  Current Payroll and cutoff schedules can be found on the Human Resources webpage under Calendars.

 How do I report my absence?
All NSSEO staff members are required to use the Absence Management (formerly ASEOP) attendance system.  The link for ASEOP can be found on our web page under Staff Information.
Employees can also create absences by phone using the Absence Management phone system at 1-800-942-3767.  Refer to the “User Guide” for step by step instructions to create an absence. All employees are required to report absences no later than 7:00 a.m. of the day of absence.  In the event you are unable to report your absence by 7:00 a.m., follow your program procedures.

Where can I locate my sick, personal or vacation time balances? (Vacation time is available for 11 and 12 month employees)
Login to Absence Management (formerly ASEOP); click on the Account tab then on the Absence Reason Balances tab.  Here you can view your accumulated and current balances. 

When does my Health Insurance coverage begin after I am hired?
Medical and dental coverage begins the first day of the month following your date of hire.  Except if you are hired on the first day of the month coverage begins on that day. 

When does my Health Insurance coverage end after I terminate my employment?
Medical and dental coverage will end the last day of the calendar month in which you terminate your employment.  If you complete your contract year (work through the last day of the school year) insurance coverage will continue through August 31st.  Questions regarding termination of insurance coverage contact Kim Cowles at 847-463-8127. 

Where can I find employee forms (i.e. FMLA, Damage to Personal Property, Mileage…)?
Employees can access forms under Staff Information on our website – Staff Forms and Templates.  Password is required.  See your Program Administrator.

Who do I contact if I am hurt during my work day?
Call the Company Nurse at 855-921-9518 for reporting, instructions, and follow up.  Questions contact Marcia Guiffre at 847-463-8105.

I cannot login or I am having a problem with my NSSEO email account?
Complete a Tech Help Desk Request detailing your problem.  The Program Tech Liaison will be notified and assist you.  Help Desk Request can be found under Staff Information on our web-site.

Health Benefits ↓

Health Benefits

2017-2018 Employee Monthly Contributions →

Lifestyle Events →


2017-2018 Annual Health Care Notices →  Notices provided:  Certificate of Creditable Prescription Coverage, CHIPPA State Premium Assistance Notice, HIPPA Privacy Notice, Marketplace Exchange Notice, Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act Notice and Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice, BCBS HMO SBC, BCBS PPO SBC

A paper copy of the SBC’s or other notices is also available free of charge by contacting Kim Cowles at or 847-463-8127.

Medical Insurance – Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Member Resources 
Blue 365 Discount Programs →
BCBS Notices →
Continuation of Coverage Under COBRA →

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan
Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Plan
Welcome New PPO Members →
2017-2018 Summary of Benefit Coverage (SBC) →
PPO Benefit Booklet →
Claim Form →
Prescription Provider – Express Scripts →
(Retail/Mail Order)
Welcome New HMO Members 
2017-2018 Summary of Benefit Coverage (SBC) →
HMO Benefit Booklet →
Prescription Provider – Prime Therapeutics →
(Retail/Mail Order)


NSSEO health plans provide benefits for recommended Preventive Services with no out-of–pocket costs like copays or coinsurance as long as you visit a doctor in your plan’s provider network.  For more details on which Preventive Services are covered as well as Wellness guidelines click “here”.


Dental Insurance

Group Administrators PPO Plan
Guardian First Commonwealth HMO Plan
Dental PPO Benefit Booklet 
Claim Form 
Website →
Dental HMO Benefit Booklet →
2018 Payment Schedule →


Licensure ↓



Educator Licensure System →

License Renewal Timelines →

Paraprofessional Assessment Information →

Life Insurance & LTD Certificates ↓

Life Insurance & LTD Certificates – Reliance Standard


Review your Term Life Insurance and Long Term Disability (LTD) Certificates of Coverage by your employee group:

Full Time Administrators Part Time Administrators
Term Life Insurance → Term Life Insurance →
Licensed/Related Services Job Share
Term Life Insurance → Term Life Insurance →
ESP Clerical/Custodial/Technology/Food Service
Term Life Insurance → Term Life Insurance →


NSSEO offers the opportunity for eligible employees to purchase additional Term Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) at group rates from Reliance Standard.  New employees have 30 days from their date of hire to buy this additional coverage.  For more information about coverage, rates and an enrollment form contact Kim Cowles at or 847-463-8127.


New Staff Onboarding ↓

New Staff Onboarding


NSSEO New Staff Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)




Bed Bug Protocol →




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