NSSEO’s Vision:

“Building a promising future for students” supports the following Board goals and we incorporate them into our program goals:

  • Student Achievement:  Increase student growth/progress in the areas of academics, social/emotional learning and independence
  • Continuous Improvement:  Engage in a systemic process to enhance programs and services
  • Collaborative Partnerships:  Influence change at the local, state, and federal levels through partnerships to improve student outcomes
  • Fiscal Responsibility:  Support organizational goals through a fiscally responsible allocation of resources

Our Overarching Goal:

“Provide visionary leadership that focuses on improved outcomes for students with special needs” recognizes the individual needs of each child and the belief that all children can learn and be contributing members of society.

Mission Statement:

NSSEO seeks to build and strengthen home/school/community partnerships to enable students with special needs to become contributing members of society.


We Value

  • Partnerships: School, family and community focused on continuous improvement
  • Leadership: Looking beyond what is, to what is possible
  • Collaboration:  Working together to share knowledge
  • Lifelong learning: Engaged professional learning communities
  • Communication: Active process

We Believe 

  • All students can learn with appropriately defined learning objectives
  • Curricula and instructional strategies reflective of best practice research that meet the diversity of individual student needs
  • Learning is a shared responsibility among students, families, staff and community
  • A positive, safe learning environment encourages and supports student and staff wellness, safety, diversity, creativity, and collaboration
  • Clearly defined goals shared by all stakeholders

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