“Enhancing students’ talents and dreams for a promising future” supports the following Board goals and we incorporate them into our program goals:

  • Student Achievement:  Increase student growth/progress in the areas of academics, social/emotional learning and independence
  • Continuous Improvement:  Engage in a systemic process to enhance programs and services
  • Family/School/Community Partnerships:  Influence change at the local, state, and federal levels through partnerships to improve student outcomes
  • Fiscal Responsibility:  Support organizational goals through a fiscally responsible allocation of resources


NSSEO propels students with special needs to be actively engaged citizens through dynamic family, school, and community partnerships.


NSSEO Values…

  • a person-centered philosophy that reflects an individualized focus on students’ strengths, desires, and life goals
  • students, families and communities engaged in a rigorous, exciting learning process
  • connecting and collaborating through partnerships designed to expand and advance meaningful opportunities for students
  • high standards, systems and innovative practices that enhance growth for students, staff and leaders
  • looking beyond what is, to what is possible



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