TIC Facilitator

This page is for those who have already attended one or all three of the Teams Initiative Course (TIC) training days. This page is a a quick reference for our current facilitators to access all TIC information.

TIC/UCC Reference Videos

Teams Initiative Course (TIC)

The Teams Initiative Course provides participants with an opportunity to work together in a group to problem solve as a team. The group works to develope skills including: problem identification, collaboration, communication, leadership, followership, dependence, independence and interdependence. Below is a list of initiatives on our course.

Universal Challenge Course (UCC)

The Universal Challenge Course consists of 6 different initiatives, all including different ways to get from one location or platform to another, either via boards, tires, or ropes. Groups are welcome to schedule 1 section or all 6 sections of the course based on interest and group ability. Many of these initiatives are accessible to students who are differently abled, such as in a wheelchair. The UCC is an opportunity for students to select the level of challenge they feel comfortable with, while the group supports them and keeps them safe by staying engaged and spotting their peers.