April Shining Stars

April Shining Stars

Congratulations to our April Shining Stars: David & Edwin!!

We are all so proud of both of these young gentlemen as they continue to succeed and grow while also currently integrating into their home districts. We are so excited to see where the future takes them!



Edwin's Outstanding Strengths

Edwin has grown so much this year, both academically and socially.
He is kind and empathetic toward his classmates.
Edwin is supportive of students when they are struggling.
He has excellent manners.
Edwin has a strong work ethic; he accepts feedback and asks for help appropriately.
He is excited to show his work and is proud of his accomplishments.
Edwin recently saved his allowance money to get a gift for his teacher.
Edwin enjoys spending extra time reading and discussing novels with Mr. Julian. 


David's Outstanding Strengths:

A very creative and innovative young student.
David is energetic and absolutely loves science!
He is a classroom role model for following expectations. 
David is an active participant who frequently raises his hand to share his thoughts and ideas.
David builds strong relationships with students and staff.
David can identify emotions and his wants and needs in a calm manner.
David is a leader and enjoys sharing his ideas and experiences with the class.
He enjoys interacting and engaging in imaginative play with his peers.
David’s curiosity guides his love of learning, and he is always eager to learn something new. 
David has a wealth of background knowledge, relating new information to previously learned concepts; as an added bonus, David likes to support his peers when they do not understand a concept.