Assistive Technology

Our Mission

We believe technology transforms the way we teach and how students learn. It allows a child with special needs to reach their potential and exceed. Technology gives a child a voice, fosters independence, and allows students to succeed in their school, home, and community environments. When we use technology effectively it opens doors for students that otherwise may be closed. Technology in NSSEO includes instructional technology, assistive technology and informational technology. These branches work together to provide services to students and staff to foster improved outcomes for students. 

The Assistive Technology Department helps teams in the consideration, acquisition, implementation and effective monitoring of assistive technology. This is accomplished through the use of trials of low tech through high tech tools to provide augmentative and /or alternative communication and individualized supports to help students access curriculum and achieve success in their educational program. 


What We Do

  • Partner with classrooms/educational teams to ensure an environment for optimal access & participation within the curriculum (e.g. speaking, writing, listening, reading)
  • Use a continuum of technology to support an optimal learning experience
  • Facilitate problem-solving to identify & reduce barriers
  • Provide strategies to increase expressive and/or receptive communication
  • Collaborate, dialogue, brainstorm and share ideas
  • Analyze student data to increase student growth
  • Provide resources and information for best practice across the continuum of services
  • Facilitate the use of assistive technologies to support the curriculum and functional performance


  • Coach and Model
  • Work directly with teachers, therapists, assistants, and students
  • Clinical observations as a component of a collaborative consultative assessment process
  • Provide Professional Development (1:1 instruction, small group, large group, workshops)