About Us

Welcome to NSSEO’s Outdoor Education Center, Sunrise Lake. We are passionate about our work.  I invite you to experience the engaging learning opportunities our teachers have to share. At Sunrise, we believe in people and appreciate that each person is doing the best they know how, all of the time, all things considered. Using a strengths based perspective and knowing that love is wanting to, we invite learners to find their passion, in a world where change is the only constant. Communication is key and experiential learning occurs when carefully chosen experiences are supported by hands-on engagement, interpretation, reflection and synthesis. We want our students to be curious and creative, to pose questions and investigate,  to experiment and solve problems, to assume responsibility and construct meaning. We enable learners to take the initiative, make decisions and be accountable for results. Fellow conscious creature, Sunrise is a magical place and we look forward to meeting you in person and sharing our journey together.