Sunrise Information

Sunrise Lake is located on 11 acres of ecologically rich land, next to a 10 acre glacial lake in Bartlett, Illinois. Experiential Education can be articulated most simply as Challenge and Experience followed by Reflection, leading to Learning and Growth. Year round access to nature provides students and teachers with opportunities to apply classroom learning objectives in a rustic outdoor setting that includes a tall grass prairie, an oak savanna, native and domesticated creatures, a teams course, and waterfront activities. Nature's seasonal rhythms bring learning alive with activities that include nature hikes, archery, rock climbing, fishing, team building, boating, sledding, ice skating, bee keeping, and crafts, to name a few. Sunrise also provides vocational worksite skill development and service learning projects that enables students and volunteers to contribute significantly to restoration efforts.

Rather than using a predetermined outdoor education curriculum, Sunrise teachers work in partnership with visiting teachers to align learning goals and customize activities for each classroom. Our teachers invite learners to try new experiences and explore nature through sensory awareness and active participation. Lessons are aligned with academic and social emotional learning standards. We do have indoor spaces including a lodge which dates back to the 1930’s, as well as paved paths and accessible equipment that makes activities welcoming for students of all ages and abilities. We look forward to having FUN, with you and your students. And remember, F.U.N. is a Fundamental Universal Need!