Risk Taking

Growing involves uncertainty and calculated risk taking, leading to change. Sunrise provides learners with challenging experiences that involve physical and emotional risk taking. Examples can include, holding a chicken for the first time, rock climbing, canoeing, trust falls or prairie burning. We create classroom ready experiences that engage students where the perceived risk is high and the actual risk is minimized. The key is knowing your students and choosing risk appropriate activities that connect with learners in the present. When risk levels are too high,  stress limits learning. At the opposite end of the risk level continuum is boredom. Our goal is to empower students in a learning process that engages and enables them to make wise choices and learn from their experiences. Your teacher insights and student discernment, enables students to experience flow, the holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. We want students to conscientiously face challenges, maintain effort despite adversity, and demonstrate self-discipline, perseverance and grit.