Our Purpose

NSSEO School District 805, propels all students, including people with special needs to be actively engaged citizens through dynamic family, school, and community partnerships. Sunrise Lake Outdoor Education Center uses experiential learning to extend learning beyond the classroom, for all students from Pre-K through 21 years of age. We empower learners to find their passion and become contributing members of our society. “Who are you?” “Where do you belong?” and “How will you contribute?” are important questions that guide each student's journey. To that end, our teachers provide visionary leadership using nature and the outdoors, as resources to discover the unique talents and abilities each student has to offer. We focus on improving outcomes for all learners which align with the hopes and dreams of each student and their families. Our work is to help uncover students’ talents that will unfold into a promising future, including areas of academics, social emotional learning, employment readiness, self-determination, and independence.